17 Memes to read at work

1: Brb, gonna take a nap in the break room

Post image

2: John Wick in the house

Post image

3: The reaction explains how we all feel about this

4: This is another reason not to use public restrooms

5: The war on birds and dogs is over

6: This would make a good movie for sunflowers

Post image

7: Did anyone else hear this sink quack?

Post image

8: Frogs running is disturbing

9: I sear the teacher didn’t teach this in class

10: Be honest, did you try this yourself?

11: *Hits blunt

12: Why is my dragon blowing bubbles and not fire?

Post image

13: Very good question you have there

Post image

14: JB the type of guy only to show up on payday

Post image

15: Any second now

16: Treat your woman like a queen and she’ll treat you like a king

17: Maybe I’ll just work as a burger flipper

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I do not own any of these materials. It is for pure education and entertainment

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