21 Memes that will cure your depression

1: That flamingo looks like he would be named Kyle

Post image

2: Impressive work

Post image

3: Oh the irony

4: I sea what you did there

Post image

5: Who will win? Godzilla or Cat Kong?

6: Imagine looking at your kids instead of the beautiful world

Post image

7: Don’t worry, he’s just looking for some food to eat

Post image

8: Now this is how you advertise

Post image

9: It’s not like there was anything more interesting than microbial life on Mars right? right??

Post image

10: The cat from the hidden cat village

11: Guilty is charged

12: My wallet looks at me the same way

13: How do you even recover from this?

14: Give this man a medal

Post image

15: My joints hurt just by looking at this

Post image

16: ADHD kicking in

17: “I’m somewhat of an expert myself”

18: Nothing says stress more than moments like these

19: Loving the attention

20: And then lying that you left it at home

21: we have all been there

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I do not own any of these materials. It is for pure education and entertainment

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