Funny and relatable cartoon moments

1: Feelin’ boujee
2: What was the point of studying then
3: Had everyone’s head turning
4: That look your friend gives you when you sit near your crush
Me in 5th grade: *gets seated next to pretty girl* My friend from across the classroom: – popular memes on the site #school #memes #school #girl #monsterinc #me #seated #pretty #my #friend #pic
5: Never trust your mom when they say this
6: Eh, I’ll just start exercising tomorrow
7: Time to plan the wedding
8: When everyone in the class has the same question, but is afraid to ask
9: To be continued…
10: When you are able to guide those to a treasure you cannot possess yourself
11: Which one were you?

Published by Humor Plug

I do not own any of these materials. It is for pure education and entertainment

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