Unbelievably funny

1: Girl’s YouTube tutorials be like
2: Every time
3: Fooled myself for a sec
Me at the end of each month
4: When bae says you looking like a snack
40 Awesome Randoms To Make Your Day Suck Less - Ftw Gallery
5: You don’t need make up when you have sweat glands
And since you never seem to have the right utensils at hand, you’re an excellent improviser. | 19 Things Only Bad Makeup Addicts Will Understand
6: Boys can cook too
7: Life hacks 101
8: When someone asks you what music you’re into
9: I can’t believe I done that
42 Memes For People Who Need A Break
10: White blood cells are like karens

Published by Humor Plug

I do not own any of these materials. It is for pure education and entertainment

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