Funniest Egg Photos

1: Is this what they meant by sunny side up?
May be an image of outdoors
2: A horror movie, but for eggs
3: Humpty dumpty in real life
4: Did the chicken or egg come first? Who cares, the egg got laid
Who came first, The chicken or the Egg – Is lineage as important as you  think? | Urban Tactics Krav Maga
5: The graveyard for eggs
6: They look terri-fried
Let this be a lesson to all of us - cannibalism can be quite funny. (My favorite is the egg with the tissue. He just commits.)
7: That can’t be right…
8: This egg looks a little too egg-cited
9: E.T. is that you?
10: It’s a skittle, change my mind

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I do not own any of these materials. It is for pure education and entertainment

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